36 Rules & Regulations

(By Great Grand Master Sek Koh Sum)

1. Obey the law, rightful thinking.
2. Follow and obey the master teaching.
3. Respect elders and old one.
4. Be friedly to all Shaolin famely members.
5. Show concern and care.
6. Be open-minded and easy forgive and forgot.
7. Be responsible and fulfill promises.
8. Be honestly to all mankind.
9. Do as you say, not the other way.
10. Change over a new leaf when you know it is wrong.
11. Persuade other to do good deed.
12. Love all Life on earth.
13. Always do good deed.
14. Be patient and control your temper.
15. Help then in need.
16. Do donation to the poor and need.
17. Trained hard and with patient.
18. Share the art, advice each other.

Do not:
19. Be not disloayl or betray master and Shaolin.
20. Do not harm Shaolin family's members.
21. Be not cruel and rude.
22. Do not steal and rob.
23. Do not talk behind ones back of the bad things.
24. Do not molest and rape.
25. Do not lie and cheating.
26. Do not curse and swear.
27. Do not looking for trouble when drunk.
28. Do not sell everything for gambling.
29. Be not proud and look down on people.
30. Be not Unreasonable.
31. Do not action without plan.
32. Do not bad deed.
33. Do not force people that are unwilling.
34. Be not jealousy
35. Be not slow and lazy.
36. Do not bully the weak.

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