Singapore Seow Tin San Athletic Association started 1958 founded by Great Great Grand Master Sek Koh Sum, who stood as the first Chief Instructor. After Great Great Grand Master Sek Koh Sum step down his place as the Chief Instructor, the position is passed on to our Great Grand Master Lim Joo Wah, after his retirement the club was handed over to Grand Master Michael P. S. Thng, who is the present HQ Chief Instructor cum 1st European Headmaster. He is officially honored to be in charge of the whole Europe Original Sek Koh Sum Sect Association, for the Eurpan Headmaster, he is honoured by the shaolin HQ. (Singapore) by the secretary Mr. Teh Eng Guan.

First location

The first location of the club is situated at the Old Thomson Road of Singapore; Seow Tin San is very famous and successful in the activities of the Southern Shaolin Kungfu, Lion Dance and Dragon Dance in South East Asia after his set up. The club played an important role and has been participating at many important/famous events, in which included TV demonstration and oversea demonstration all over the world.

It had the first "Night" Dragon in Singapore that even perform for the Queen Elizabeth who visited Singapore on 1972 at the President's Istana. Grand Master Michael P. S. Thng brings glory to the club on 1976, being the only Singaporean winning champion in the 4th South - East Asia Tournament (Gold Medalist). Our Lion Dance and Dragon Dance are bringing back a lot of championship for the club in numbers of performance. The glorious history of Singapore Seow Tin San Athletic Association make an important history in the Southern Shaolin Original Sek Koh Sum Sect.

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